tiggerola Fusion HA!

I've been watching DBZ and while watching Gotenks I was kinda comparing Goten and Trunks to what Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts could have been like at their age. Of course, then I thought what would it look like if Sora and Riku learned a fusion technique and fuzed together XD

SO NOW I'm presenting this challenge to all who dare:
Draw a picture of two characters fuzed together!

It can be two crossover characters or they can be the from the same series.
The new character can be fuzed by fusion dance or Kai earrings, etc.
You can do it in any medium of your choosing.

*Name of the new character after being fuzed
*Have color please, even if it's basic to just get the color scheme in mind
*Include links in the description to the original parts of the new character
(that way I can judge how well there is both of the characters in the new one, but it's different enough to be it's own character)

*A story written to go along with how/why the two characters fuzed and/or how this new character acts (can leave a link in the description to a written post)

I hope some people out there have some fun with idea that I thought I'd share and look forward to the results of all of your creative juices!

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