healer94 Homestuck aww yeah

First of all
before anyone asks, Homestuck is a webcomic created by Andrew Hussie.

read it here: Clicku~

okay on to the actual challenge:

I absolutely LOVE the story, as confusing as it may be, but the best parts have the characters, they're so fun and have the most hilarious personalities, personally, I adore Nepeta and Kanaya, I find them so awesome. pfft listen to me rambling--


I want you to draw your favorite character doing either:

  • interacting with another character
  • in a scene they're in
  • really? anything

each entry will be judge by:

  • effort
  • creativity
  • the smile it puts on my face o u o

and every contest has rules:

  • Must be colored
  • yaoi/yuri is allowed
  • oh my- do I really have to say this? MUST ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE YOUR OWN WORK
  • and last but certainly not least have fun o u o

yes prizes!o u o
buuuut since I'm a lame-o there's only gonna be one placing < u <

1st place will get a pic of whatever they'd like(with you know, the works! and stuff like that)

you got three months! as to give most of you enough time to actually read it (BECAUSE IT'S AN AMAZING COMIC)

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