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In celebration of a comic (that I have not managed to post yet but presently exists~) I thought we could all turn to an age-old past time...

Abusing duct tape.

There are so many things you can do with it, but it's just not fun when you aren't creating some sort of havoc. So, I want you to put yourself or an OC or two into a situation--like perhaps a world in an anime or a video game--and I want you to give them duct tape...and then all you have to do is fill in the blank. Easy enough, isn't?
I mean, who hasn't imagined themselves placed in an alternate reality full of potential bishis, bishojos and villians while armed with DUCT TAPE?
(Then again, it could have been just me.)

The rules are simple:
1) Does not have to be in color (although it is appreciated)
2) Duct Tape must be shown clearly having been used
3) You or an OC (or even a combination--I'm not picky) wreaking some sort of mischief with said duct tape

I'm afraid the only prize is a newly drawn picture of the scene in your head, but I suppose if we have more than three entries the three winners may request something of me~ (I PROMISE MY ART DOESN'T STINK ANYMORE) Contestants will be judged on quality and mischief, so good luck!

EDIT: SO WE HAVE OUR WINNERS! If you are reading this and are a winner, please PM me what you would like as a reward sketch! Only one of you didn't make it. This choice was solely based on 'Abusing' duct tape, to be honest: Learning to fly is not abuse in my opinion. :D actually, I would like to give my fourth place winner a picture too. Thank you, all four of you, for entering my contest! ^_^

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Don't bring this tape to work ~Sabriela Hellena
Abusing Duct Tape - Entry ~ArtSwordman Brush
Kitty's Revenge ~MintIceCream
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