babygurl24 Gemini: The Twins

Hello Everyone! This is my first challenge! *as the crowd cheers* I've gone through some of the amazing art by all you Otakuites again and again and I have noticed as I have sorted through the zodiac things, there is like NO Gemini pictures. Now, me being a Gemini myself, I wanna see more of them! So, of course, the challenge is simple. Do a picture of the Gemini zodiac sign! All the participants of this will get a medal!

1.It doesn't have to say Gemini or anything about the zodiac anywhere on it, but the picture itself must have something to do with it.
2. Any media is acceptable, Effort into the picture is definitely something that has to be shown!
3. Follow the rules of TheO.
4. No hentai/yuri/yoai etc.
5. Partial nudity is acceptable just as long as no.... parts are shown in detail. So try to keep it covered.
6. Color will get you more points, but is not a requirement.
7. Have fun with this!

I'm giving you guys 1 month to do this, so do your best! I'll be choosing 3 places:
1st: A shiny medal, a gift, 2 fan art of your choice (hand drawn with or without color)
2nd: A shiny medal, a gift, 1 fan art of your choice (hand drawn with or without color)
3rd: A shiny Medal, a gift, 1 sketch fanart of my choice

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Gemini Handsign ~superstarpanou
Twins of the Stars ~ikagamine len
The Gemini Twin ~junshu
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