Natsu nii NoM nOm! I could just eat you up! XO

was the title weird enough? hope it caught you eye..ehh.. ^_^"

oKay! so this is basically just a food challenge! carve/draw/ or create your favorite anime character in food form! (please don't freak out..! OAO")

Examples: draw on an easter egg, frost a cake, carve in a potato (anything really!)

step 1) choose a character (not really all that hard)

step 2) go and get whatever you feel like out of your fridge and get to work!
(must have fun! lol) i think the best part will be eating them afterwards, you have to tell me if they taste delicious ^_^

step 3) take a pic and submit! -when you enter please state the character and what materials/ methods you used in making it :D

it'll be judged on effort/coolness (sorry i can't really judge on anything specific because it's kinda vague)

don't do anything inappropriate or offensive. follow O rules and all that jazz.. come on it's food people..!

up to 3 entries, all foods allowed!

please try and do your best! i want to be able to tell it it's actually character, not just a cookie w/ a smiley face on it <:(

you may use older work, but nothing older than a year
-must be your own work!

i will not discriminate against certaint anime characters, but i'd prefer if you didn't use OCs <:3

i can't be sure for now because i have a couple AP test coming up.. but i will do something! >:D i'm not gonna be one of those people who promises to do something and then forgets about it.. <:/

gift to everyone who enters!

i'm looking forward to what you come up with!

..please enter...!!! TTATT"

You have two months go!

-Natsu nii :3

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