Everyone has their little secrets, a dark side, things they keep hidden. For those not familiar with the Persona games, there are things known as a shadow self. Essentially the hidden feelings and desires of a person manifested in a physical form.

So what's the challenge?

I want you to think real hard about yourself. Think of the things that you truely feel inside, but never show and bring it to life in the form of your very own shadow self design.

How do I go about bringing my feelings to life?

Do you feel an inner rage? Maybe your shadow self looks like a fighter? Here are some examples of personalities and shadow's from the Persona 4 game:

Rise - A popular TV and music icon.
Rise's Shadow Self - Flashy, show off, pole dancing. (Yes, I know.) She manifested after Rise was unable to truely come to terms with who she is as a person. The shadow self threatened to 'show every last inch of her'.

Chie - A spunky, martial arts loving girl.
Chie's Shadow Self - - A dominatrix style shadow self sitting on the backs of humans. This stems from the shadow Chie stating that the real Chie loves dominating Yukiko, a weaker character. Loving that she is dependant on her.

Yosuke - Fun loving, accident prone, nice guy.
Yosuke's Shadow Self - - A cartoon frog with someone riding it. This is due to his secret longing for something new and exciting to happen, as living in a small town is not exciting enough for him.

How many times can I enter?

Just one picture will be fine. I want you to think REALLY hard about it and put as much effort into it as you can.

Coloured? Black and white? Sketch?

As long as you get your feelings across, it's all good.

What CAN'T I enter?

Drawings you've submitted before (I want new stuff.), anything above a PG-13 level (You can draw inner feelings without the need for nudity etc.), other peoples work, traces, scans, or images derived from existing art.

How long do I have?

I'm giving you all one month. I may extend it to three if people request it.


Enjoy! Any questions, feel free to ask by commenting.

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