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Yay first challenge!! *happy dance*

So here's the idea: we all have artwork that we worked our a$$e$ off to complete, and yet no matter how many times we revise it, its still crap (to us).
So what i wnt you folks to do is pick the piece you absolutely hate the most, and redo it. Simple enough?
this isn't a before/after show ur improvement challenge. it's a challenge where you get the piece you dislike the most and do it all over again-kinda like redeeming yourself, yes?

Rules: (uh-oh)

~in order to submit i want you to be completely satisfied with the new piece!!
~follow theO's general rules, u know no XXX stuff...
~up to 2 submissions per person.
~put a link to the other version in the description area.
~it has to be the same as the older version meaning, if it was digital or traditionally colored or even uncolored then the new version has to be the same!
~Ummmm...i guess that's it! :)

Prizes: (yay)

First place: colored digital drawing of their choice, 2 gifts, subscription
Second place: lineart of their choice, 2 gifts
Third place: 2 gifts

anymore questions (or if i left anything out) feel free to leave a comment or PM me!
peeps got 2 months so get to it and have fun! ^o^

~edit: changed the name of the challenge. felt like the name kinda sounded negative. :P

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