gaaraskittygirl What do You Think....

... when you see an old, worn-down house? Or a cat, or the colour green? Possibly, you're most likely going to think of memories and emotions coupled with these things, maybe something quite like a quale. On the other hand, you might just think of the old house as just an old house, and a cat as just another cat, and the colour green as just part of the colour spectram. But, this challenge is about your own personal qualia of things, your thoughts and feelings of what these things are, and what they mean to you, not just what they look like.

1)Nothing perverted and icky, just keep those little thoughts and feelings to yourself, please. e-e
2)Drawings DO NOT have to be perfect, so don't waste all of your time making everything look right; it can be plain and simple as can be, just make sure to include what you think and feel about said object.
3)Whatever you draw, if you don't explain what it is and what you think when that's not particularly visible, the entry will not be qualified, but...
4) can enter as many drarrings as you would like, so don't get discouraged! Second chances are always wellcome, just, not too many.
5) Colour is definitely not necessary.
6) At the least state what the object is if it's hard to tell. XD If it's really a dog, I don't want to comment saying "Wow, what a lovehly spaceship!" It's ok if it looks like a spaceship, but I'll feel kind of horrible afterwards. XD

1st place: A by-hand drawing (trust me, my artwork now is better than the stuff I have up XD), a drawing done on paint, and a gift.
2nd place: a computer drawing, and a gift.
3rd place: a less-intricate and small computer drawing, and a gift.

The deadline is for three months, so bide your time and think for a bit. ;3

Alltogether, just use your imagination and have fun without trying to be perfectionists! XD And if the prizes take too long, it's because I'm lazy and might be in artists block, again. XP
Definition for qualia here, if anyone is curious. It's kind of lengthy, though. XD Woo, go first challenge....? XD

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