Himedere [VOCALOID] I give you a voice to breath with

>XD ya whatevs, creepo title!

Heyo peopleas, HARU HAS A REQUEST!

She asks that you collab with her!
Yo, I got a voice (IT DOES NOT COMPLETELY SUCK >XD), microphone and garageband with built-in voice editor.
You got a brain (woot for that!)

But I'm struck dumb for her art design.
So, I ask that you (of course, recieving full art credit) make a concept art for ... whatevs ya wanna call the girl!

RULIOS (That's spanish... no it's not.) :

1.) I would appreciate the creation to have an XX chromozone, but if you want to make twins, I'm game for dudifying the original voicebank. But female is manditory, and yes, if you want to make it a dude with a genderbent (as I am rereading, I realized it read "fenderbent" prior to change XDDD) gal, go for it!

2.) Please don't make it sexy.

3.) I... I don't like yuri/yaoi/twin-incest. So. No, please.

4.) It's okay if they're loosely based off another vocaloid, but DUDE please DO NOT re-color an image of a vocaloid/ UTAUloid

5.) ... I kinda forget.

6.) Not a rule, but she/he/they will be avbalible for download and ready to pluggin Garageband, but I'll have wavs if you want; I don't have oto.inis though, sorry :/

7.) she/he/they are in the alpha/beta stage, so... no. You cannot get a voice sample. Specify the voice please, want it to be cute? Husky? Smexy? (TOO BAD, NO SMEXY FOR YOU.) Mature? Pitchy? Irritating? Crisp? Low? High? I'm just spit-balling here.

8.) can be whatever! virtual, crayons, colored pencils, lineart, markers, paints, heck, even your saliva if you so desire. It's just a concept art, don't obsess over neatness, OCD chidders.

I thought this would be especially appealing because I found it tragic lots of "vocaloid ocs/utauloids" are... mute. They are to be heard! I will collab with you to make a singing utauloid/vocaloid.



1- two colored detailed pictures, one simple colored chibi or detailed lineart
2- a colored detailed picture
3- a semi-detailed chibi picture

everyone who enters gets to hear the official preview before he/she/they are released on youtube!

enter as many times as you wish, mkay?


As stated here, it's been considered she has a basic romaji released and cheap-ish bilingual software version. Yes. She may be an actual for-sales thinger. Maybe. Also, I'd need a P.O. box or something to pay you... only if she is made into software and sells. Only if, cause at the moment I'm a too young for an actual job and am flat out broke at the moment~!

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