Create your own Superhero!

SHAZAM!!!!! This is my first challenge!!!!

Okay, so basically do just what the title says. Create you own superhero (or a supervillan if you like)!!
You can turn a current OC into a superhero/supervillan or create a new OC for this challenge, but it has to be an OC. No anime characters. If you want to, you can also include their sidekick(s) and/or supervillan (or superhero) enemies in the drawing if you want. You can put as many characters into the submission as you want. Also, your superhero/supervillan etc. does not have to be humanoid, so monsters are welcome :D.
In your description, please include the main power(s) of your superwhatever and a small bio. If you're feeling imaginative, you can include any other information about other characters in the entry and/or background information.

RULE TIME!!!!!!!
1. Follow theO's rules, of course
2. Keep it clean
3. Unlimited entries!!!!
4. Be nice to fellow competitors.
5. Color is optional, but would be nice.
6. Traditional art is highly preferred over digital art. Why? Because I think digital art is an unfair advantage to those who don't have the technology for it. Also, it takes more effort to draw and color art traditionally. Even if you normally do digital art, maybe you could try traditional for a change. You can submit art digital if you REALLY REALLY want to though.

1st Place: Colored fanart request, gift, shiny shiny medal.
2nd Place: Inked fanart request, gift, shiny shiny medal.
3rd Place: Sketch fanart request, gift, shiny shiny medal.

Tips for winning:
1. Put lots of detail into it!
2. You get bonus points if you make your entry an epic battle scene!!!
3. You get SUPERDUPER bonus points for giving the characters wickedly cool costumes!!!!
4. And......have fun!!!

I am setting this challenge for two months.

For envythejealous: yes, you can turn your crazy pirate characters into the superwhatevers. :D :D :D

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