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*takes deep breath* My... 4th challenge!!! I actually wanna extend my last challenge, but I guess I'll do it another day.
So here's my new challenge! Yaoi fans, GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linkie to a good example

Simple. Just choose your favorite yaoi couple and create their baby! Had a look at the link up there? My first favorite yaoi couple is none other than KuramaxHiei xD So when I was browsing for Kurama's stuff, I stumbled upon that image, which was submitted for a challenge asking to draw Kurama and Hiei's baby. >lol I know it sounds weird for a male to be able to bear child xDD<. So now I want to make this challenge and spread the love of yaoi~ <3


  • Absolutely, NO Yuri!
  • Only existing characters from manga and anime are allowed. No Original Characters.
  • No sex/hentai thingy allowed!
  • If possible, try to choose a yaoi couple in which we can guess one of them to be the 'mother' of the child. This shall be interesting~ >3
  • Despite that, I will not allow you to change the existing character's outfit. Just let them wear what they wear. Because I don't want to see a male dressed as a wife... well... in a bad way... =_=
  • Dedicate, no matter who you want to dedicate it to. Just as long as the other person loves that yaoi couple you made too x3
  • How the child shall look like, I'll leave it to you. Make sure the child you draw make sense, in a way! (I'll leave it to you to think this one, I don't have to explain it xD gomen!)
  • Any type of media is allowed.
  • No sketchy submission allowed.
  • Unlimited submissions!
  • Have fun!!!

So if you have any more question, please ask!!! <3 You can also invite people you know who can draw and love yaoi to help spread the love of yaoi around~ ;3
Three months! GO!!!

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