Crimson-Rose adorable dinosaurs? Why yes

OK! Your job is simple: Drawing a pink T-rex logo :D It can be scray, cute, chibi, etc! The point of the contest is to have an avatar for my upcoming blog account, called the Pink Tyrannosaurus Rex. Credit will be given to the artist (see awards for details).

Rules: They are simple!

1. The art must be yours
2. It can be any size
3. It must be of a PINK T-rex (though the shade of pink is up to you)
4. It must be creative
5. It must be of only a T-rex (no people or other animals with it!)
6. The art MUST contain the words "Pink Tyrannosaurus Rex"

I will give out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons.
Everyone who enters will receive a gift from me

The 1st place winner will have their picture used as the main "logo" of my blog as well as a link to their artwork from any website of their choice (TheO, DA, etc.) In addition to the gift for entering, they will receive another gift for winning.

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Pretty cute Huh? ~
Pink T-Rex ~StayCold
Cute Pink T-Rex ~stinamuffin
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