Match to music

This is a simple challenge really
and you guys will basically have power to do whatever you like

I want a piece of art work that goes along to music of your choice, simple enough right?
if that made no sense what so ever I'll give you some examples;
Draw what ever you were thinking/feeling while listening to a piece of music,
Draw O.Cs or an existing Character(s) and give them a them tune,
Or draw something to go with a soundtrack
Whatever you want, it's really your choice

~ follow the rules of the site
~ add a link to the song that you listening too or tell your lovely fans what
the music was
~ you may use more than one song (the more the merrier)
~ Any media is allowed
~ enjoy drawing, and I want to see some showing off, show us want you can do!

I will still give first place a colour drawing of whatever they'd like
But the main pressies this time are medals and pure enjoyment.....
and I still owe prizes from my last challenge (they keep getting redone)

I'm going to give you 3 months
I look forward to seeing any entries
P.s Any further questions, all you have to do is ask. X

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Europe Skies ~Auditore
Gravity ~
1001 Melodies ~nikuro
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