PURE [Innocence]

Hello folks! I would like to welcome you to my Third challenge “PURE [Innocence]”

I will start with a definition:
Pu·ri·ty plural pu·ri·ties) 1. freedom from contaminants: the absence, or degree of absence, of anything harmful, inferior, unwanted, or of a different type. 2. innocence: virtue and innocence

What I would like is a piece of artwork that depicts purity, virtue, or innocence. It can be shown in any way you wish, weather it be with color, poses, facial expressions, clothing, or anything else, The choice is up to you! In this day where many fads involve demons, vampires, and werewolves, I miss works that depict pure innocence. I’m looking forward to you showing me what you got! I hope to get a few more entries than last time.

It would also be nice if you could explain in the comments how your work represents purity. ^ ^


- It can be an original character, or a favorite from an anime.
- Color or black and white, whatever is best for you.
- Digital or traditional!
- Gore is allowed, as long as you keep it within theO’s standards. {Yes blood can be portrayed in an form representative of innocence.}
- ABSOULUTLY NO hentai, yaoi, yuri, or moderately sexual material. I WILL disqualify you.
- Please no lined notebook paper, unless that’s all you have.
- Up to two entries.
- No stealing please, give credit where its due.
- Most of all: HAVE FUN dear friends! You have two months.

Questions? Feel absolutely free to ask! I don’t kill people.


First: Three wallpaper requests, Card, gift, and a medal.

Second Place: Two wallpaper requests, gift, and medal

Third Place: Two card requests, gift, and medal

Make mama proud. ( Why did I just say that? )

Ps. If I dont know you, and I invited you, It's just because I have seen your work and I enjoy it. ^ ^

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