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Lately, I've been getting back into pokemon and playing my old games. I bet all of you older fans will remember Pikablu? The Water type pokegod that was an evolved form of Raichu, but was later picked out to be the second generation Marill. Because of that little guy, many people made some combination art of Pikachu and Marill and would severely screw up their game trying to find something that wouldn't be released until Silver and Gold.

Anyway, seeing that pokemon game me an idea. The object of this contest is combine at least two or more pokemon to create a combination pokemon.

-It can be ANY pokemon within the 1-5 generations, even MissingNo if you're feeling daring
-No taking pictures of the Pokemon and just copy-pasting them together, that's cheating and will also get you, not only disqualified, but reported
-I'd prefer them colored because not many people could see your vision in black and white
-In your description, please provide the name of the pokemon you have combined (all of them) ex. If I combined Pikachu and Charmander, I would put both pokemons' names into the description
-Just have fun :3

Just go out and have fun, because we all know, we're NEVER done catching them all >>'


EDIT:// I based placement on both uniqueness and detail

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