kita mikichi Just Say No

Here's the "buzz word" for this challenge: Peer pressure. We've all been through it. So draw a picture/make an e-card that finishes this thought: "I'm/You're too cool (or too smart, or anything else positive) to..."

Some examples:

  • Too cool to do drugs
  • Too smart to drink/text and drive



  • Keep it clean.
  • Keep it positive (you can be funny, but nothing like 'too cool for you,' okay?).
  • Write your theme somewhere in the picture.
  • You can use your own characters, existing characters -- whatever you like.
  • You can go traditional or digital, but color would be better than black & white for this.
  • Be creative and have fun!
  • Go by TheO rules.

Gifts only this time. I still owe prize requests for my last challenge! -_-' Depending on the number of entrants, there may be only one winner, but I'll go up to two -- so the winner will get a shiny gold medal and a gift, and runner-up will get a gift.

You have two months. If you have any questions about the rules, just comment or PM me. Ganbatte! ^^

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Just say no! ~Ellenor Mererid
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