Nino Umaka Fill 'ME'me out!

Gosh...lamest name ever, but lack of other ideas created this. -_-'

So I've been wanted to create a new challenge for a while. I WAS going to do a coloring challenge, but two other people recently beat me to that. I didn't want to seem like I was copying too soon afterwards so I came up with this idea....*dramatic drumroll*

I want YOU to fill out THIS meme ----> This one right here
I scoured high and low, through the jungles of Deviantart, the oceans of pages until I got too tired and settled on this one. I hope it's not too big for you guys and you'll still consider entering. Sadly you'll have to resize it you make it fit on here, and it'll make the drawings look all funny. I know from experience

So I advise resizing it first THEN filling it out after if you're doing on the computer.

Many of us love memes. They give you mindless things to doodle when you're in a block, or just don't want to do homework. I find that you can learn a lot about a person by the way they fill out a meme. If you've never done a meme before don't worry because I've got examples!

My horrible attempt XP
betternotsquashedqualityofminehere -_-'
Some other attempt that's better than mine. (It's actually colored!)
Yeah...and I'm too lazy to find

Now for rule type things!
* It does not have to be done digitally! You can print it off do it and then scan it back in.
* Make sure I can read your handwriting. I find that that's what I enjoy most in memes a lot of the time.
* Try to make it better than mine! That shouldn't be too hard since mine sucks eggs.
* You do NOT have to color it and stuff. Since I didn't make mine all nice and neat you don't either. But like I said above I want to atleast know what going on.
* Nothing too inappropriate...dunno how you can do that with this, but still..
* Now the most important! Please credit the creator of the meme in you comments! I will not disqualify you if you don't, but I would like the creator to have credit where credit is due.
* I does not have to be dedicated to me, but it'd let me know quicker that you've entered if you do!

I'm judging on how creative and better than mine you get this...yeah, that's about all. No real points go for the best drawn, or how detailed. I want you to just relax and enjoy doing it! That's what a meme is for after all!

Now the best part-----PRIZES!!!
1st A fully colored digital fanart of anything and a gift!
2nd A full digital lineart of anything and a gift!
3rd A sketch of anything and a gift!
**Everyone gets a medal and a gift!

Any questions just comment! You've got ONE MONTH! Get going!

Yeah...I was looking through the entries and got to one of them and realized....YOU MAY ENTER MORE THAN ONCE! Whoa!
For example if you don't have a tablet, but you try to do it digitally anyway and you don't like how it came out you may try AGAIN! Yay for second chances!


Omigosh! This was harder to judge than I thought it would be! It took forever for me to narrow it down to 6 people, and then even longer to get the three winners! You all did so well! I applaude your efforts! I'd really like to thank you all for entering and hope you keep drawing well into the future!

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