Starscream The Warrior and the Assassin

Title: 'The Warrior and the Assassin'

Theme: 'Unlikely Love'

Characters: Arelliat Throuan from Doonys and Norman from Mighty Max

Character Info:

  • Norman - In the time of the early Vikings, a young Norman watched his father die at the hands of Spike, a indestructible deranged and bloodthirsty warrior. Because of his size at the time, Norman couldn't help when he had the chance (he was unable to lift his father's war-axe), and thus blamed himself for the tragedy; at his father's grave, he vowed to become the greatest warrior that ever lived (cf. "Norman's Conquest"). After a lifetime of battle, Norman was approached by Virgil to become the guardian. He earned his immortality by defeating the Conqueror, an undefeated champion, and swore to defend the Mighty One with his life if necessary (cf. "Dawn of the Conqueror"). As the Mighty One's bodyguard, Norman is usually serious but unlike Virgil, he seems to enjoy Max's carefree ways. Norman's exploits through the ages were the basis of numerous legends, including Thor, Hercules, Samson, Lancelot, and Little John, presumably among others. Norman is shown throughout the series to be practically impervious to fear, though he is not above disgust. The only creatures which give him pause for terror are spiders. In the show he meets several of tremendous size and strength. It is in hinted in the final episode he may have finally met his match in combat and died at the eight hands of an enormous spider. His common catch phrase is, "I eat ____ for breakfast", usually following the introduction or emergence of the group's latest foe, such as, "I eat zombies for breakfast." Another is the wry statement made upon meeting one of the many monsters they encounter, "That is a big ____."
  • Arelliat Throuan - Arelliat Throuan (Pronounced Ah-ree-lee-uh Th-row-ann.)

    Arelliat Throuan is a 22 year old government assassin hired in secret to do away with the leader of the Voration Cult. She was raised in high society and lived with her mother and father in a large mansion. Her father was abusive and one night (When Arelliat had just turned 18) her mother let it slip that Arelliat was not their real child and her father became angry. He lashed out at her mother, sending Arelliat over the edge. She pulled out a small revolver she kept in her purse and shot him dead. Knowing she couldn't stay, she ran away and eventually made a deal with the government. If she worked for them, her slate would be wiped clean.

    Finding out she was adopted sparked old memories in her head. She seemed to remember her real father owning a vast cache of weapons and remembers her real mothers piercing blue eyes. She is cold and at times far to serious for her own good. She refuses to let herself have fun. However, she is not without her weaknesses. She has a soft spot for a man she has known for most of her life, Melvin Middleton. He works as a book keeper at the Tirla Hill church.

    Her weapon(s) of choice are her twin Desert Eagles. She can be seen polishing and cleaning them whenever a rest stop is made.

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Character ref pics:

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  • Images are to be of this coupling ONLY.
  • Try and stick to the theme of unlikely love and also try your hardest to keep them in character.
  • Any skill level can join in. Any image type too. (IE: Background, no background, anime, realistic, coloured, non-coloured.)
  • One entry per person.


1st Prize - The usual winners medal plus two basic sketch art requests.

2nd Prize - Winners medal one basic sketch art request.

3rd Prize - Gold Medal.

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