infinatelove42 ~The Secrect Life of Bunnies~

Bunnies hop!
Bunnies go!
Will they stop?
i dont know!?
pssssst.... hey you... yea you
did you know that bunnies have a secret life too?
this challenge is all about what bunnies really do

Since it is the year of the rabbit
i want you to draw a bunny doing the
out of the ordinary kind of thing
2 months should be enough time
traditional or computerized is always welcome

(~saving a damsel in distress,
~going shopping for expensive clothing,
~running the mile

Rules: every challenge needs them

  • It can be part human part bunny (Ocs and your favourite manga charas
    deeply appericated(meaning you can draw them too!!!))

  • Color or no color its up to you
  • Be creative
  • Please keep it clean
  • At max only 4 artworks
  • Please dedicate it to me so i can see

1st: shiny gold metal, gift, 1 fanart colored request
2nd: shiny gold metal, gift, 1 line art request
3rd: shiny gold metal and gift

if you dont get one of these places i still would like to reward you
with a gift and a beautiful silver metal

Thank you and GOOD LUCK !!!

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Bunny Pyon Pyon ~
Bunny PSP ~Hikari1127
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