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Hi there!

As the title might be a bit weird to some of you, let me explain:
FantasyDevice: For some time now, I've been working on a website called "FantasyDevice". I've been changing its design and lay-out many times, and eventually I ended up with one that required a background image. To see a preview of the website, check out here: The current background is just there for testing purposes only.

Now on to the deal: I need a background for the website. That, my fellow Otaku is where you all come in: the challenge is to make the best background for my website. On to the requirements...

Alas, since the background is meant for my website, the requirements are pretty strict... They are as follows:

  • The image should cover both sides of the page.
  • The image should have 1000px in the middle of none but background (check out this for an example). This because the main part of the page has a width of 1000px, and therefore, what's behind it is not all that relevant, though it shouldn't be nothing.
  • It HAS TO BE digital art.
  • It has to be anime, and show what the website is about; fantasy, anime and manga. More info about that will be put on the homepage.
  • The image has to either be repeatable, or the background should kind of 'fade out' into a single color, so it won't fail too much on larger screens.
  • It has to be your own work, and may not be based on already existing work, e.g no fan characters allowed. OC's are allowed, as long as they relate in some way to fantasy and such.
  • And of course, you'll have to follow TheO's rules for submissions.

You can check out the current background to get an idea. Please note that the current one though, is not perfect, mostly because of the image's background.

Feel free to ask a question if needed, or if I've forgotten something.

The number of uploads is unlimited. The best background will be used, and credits will be given in the footer, visible on every page. Please note that there could be more than one winner. The idea is to change the background regularly once every season (so about one background every 3 months). Of course the winners also get a gift, and a nice golden medal.

You'll have one month to enter, because I intend to put the website online at the beginning of 2011. If I put the website online before the challenge ends, please don't stop submitting to this challenge. Like I said before, I'll change the background every now and then, so who knows, maybe your background might be used anyways.

Take care!


For those who do not want to enter, but would like to help me out, you'd help me a lot with getting the site online by filling in this poll:


To those I've invited: I invited you because of your amazing artworks, and I hope you are willing to participate in this challenge!


For those who want to see a little bit more of the website: You can login on the demo account, using the word demo as both username and password!

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