gokusangel20 Hiruma and Mamori Alone Time

I am a big fan of Eyeshield, and I have really enjoyed reading the manga. I love that relationship that Hiruma and Mamori have, and although neither would admit it infront of others I think they would have some rather awesome moments when they are alone.

My challenge is for someone to draw a sweet picture of Hiruma and Mamori having a close moment.


1. It can be done in anyway that you like. Colors or prints or however
2. It can be a good bit more than PG-13 if thats what you chose
3. Have fun with it
4. The winner will get a trophy and a wallpaper of their choosing done by me. I would offer a art print but I dont think my art is that good but if thats what you would like I will do it.

The other entrys will get trophies

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I (Don't) Want to Move~! ~saint vivant
Love to Hate ~Team Plasma N
Criminal X Princess ~foxfireburn
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