Horoscopes ^__^

My first challenge eva!!!!!!

This challenge is really simple,(I decided to make this challenge since i became obsessed with the HOROSCOPES)
You are to draw your own HOROSCOPE

here is where i got my idea from (where the inspiration began)

1. You must draw your horoscope according to the month and day you were born in.
2. You must be able to submit your work before the deadline. (lOl. everyone knows that ^^)
3. You can only submit 1 masterpiece.
4. Keep it PG
5. You can either sketch it (traditional), or use the modern way in making your masterpiece anyway you want it, just as long as you are comfortable with it
6. you are not allowed to submit old drawings

i will be judging based on:
1.) creativeness and Detail (based on how much effort you had given to your artwork)
2.) Neatness
3.) Lastly, How well i can see your Horoscope (meaning,even without an explanation to your art work, i could already tell what your horoscope is.

GOODLUCK! i'm giving you all two months

The Prizes Are:

1st place: 1 wallie(request),1 ecard,1 fanart(request-sketch*colored if wanted), a gift and a gold medal.

2nd place: 1 fanart(request-sketch), a gift and a gold medal.

3rd place: a Gift and a Gold medal

COnSolation Prize for Those who didn't win:
Silver MeDal

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