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This is the first time I've created a challenge (and probably the last because I think the idea I have is kinda odd). But anyway, this is a personal challenge. Let me explain:

This challenge is about what all of you do outside of the computer, like what you do in your free time. It could be drawing, reading, playing video games, sports, whatever you can name. And drawing yourself (I'll allow OCs) doing one or many of the things that you do outside the computer. (Which is why it's called "Outside the Box")


1. You can only submit a drawing once, so make it count. (It's nothing against you guys, but I just don't want overcrowding in the challenge)
2. It can be either black and white or colored, whatever you're comfortable with.
3. It has to be a drawing of yourself or your OC, it can NOT be an anime character from a series.
4. I won't pick based on the best picture, it will also be about creativity and what your idea was.

And have fun with it. (even though I doubt anyone'd want to join the challenge)

Please comment if you want to join

1st - 2 colored requests
2nd & 3rd - 1 colored request and one B&W request

Participants: B&W request

I wasn't able to see about half of the entries... and because of that, I had to delete them. One also didn't even really fit with the challenge from what my friends think ._.'

Anyway, I had to give 1st place to Thyme Girl because I honestly think that's about the most creative thing that was even "thought" of XD I mean, no one else even chose that and you do that a lot when you aren't even on the computer

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