CipherPol Better Bending

You all know avatar the last air bender, i hope. And you all know the four elements air fire earth and water and their benders?

Well I want you to be creative and make all new kinds of bending using any substance you can think of. Also, you can imagine two of your favorite benders having a child and what kind of bender it would be(though you'd only draw the new character and the new type of bending)

Some suggestions:
chocolate bending
steam bending(a mix of fire and water)
mud bending(a mix of water and earth)
hot sauce bending
llama bending
electric bending(different from redirecting the lightning)
cloud bending
and much more

no OCs or already existing characters please, I a fresh new character
please include a small bio in the description about the character and the bending
color is optional
please include a backround, it doesn't have to be a scene, as long as its not white it's okay
as many submissions as you like
no doubles(meaning do not use a substance someone else has used already)

1. a story about the charater, a fanart of the character, and a wallie with your picture
2. a story and a wallie
3. a story

you have 3 months
good luck!

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Avatar: The Last Airbender
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The Flesh Bender ~greenLeAfe
Sound bending ~SaxGirl
Mercury bender ~wingedshadowwolf
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