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Hey everyone, here's the plan:

Most people love it when someone draws their Original Characters, and isn't it the season for giving?
So I think it would be nice if you picked a friend's, someone you admire, or even someone random's OC and drew them for this challenge.


  • You can't draw my OCs, since that would make it hard for me to be impartial and I don't really have any, anyway
  • And, this goes without saying, but you cannot draw your own OCs for this challenge, either
  • The person whose OCs you're drawing needs to be from TheOtaku or at least have an account here
  • You have to dedicate the art to the person who created the OC, so that I know to whom they belong
  • You can submit as much as you want, just try to keep the quality even between them
  • The art should be colored or at least filled/inked but it doesn't need a background
  • It can be digital or traditional or something in between.
  • The last day to enter is December 25th

Anyone who wants their OCs drawn can leave a comment here, incase any of the people who want to enter can't think of anyone's to draw.

Also if you have any questions you should also leave a comment.

Have fun!

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