Razing Phoenix Create a Wallpaper for My Vocaloid Paradise!

EDIT: This is a wallpaper challenge even though it says fan art. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but can anyone tell me how to change it? When I clicked the edit button I could not figure out how. Some assistance please?

As the title says, I would like for you to please create a wallpaper that would be suitable for my Vocaloid world called Vocaloid Paradise. Click on the link to view it if you have not visited there before. I've tried making a wallpaper for it myself, but I just don't know what I want. So, I would like to see what all of you can come up with!

This is my second challenge, so please be nice, and most importantly, jut have fun!

NOTE: The first place winner's wallpaper will be used as a somewhat official background for the Vocaloid Paradise world, but I will eventually use everyone's wallpaper who participates in this challenge for a certain period of time. ^^

Also, as for which characters you should use, you may use any of the Vocaloid characters, including Black Rock Shooter. You can use group or individual images, as well.


1) Obey theOtaku Guidelines and Rules
2) Be creative,and have fun with it!
3) Include ALL proper credits (image, brushes, textures, etc.)
4) Include your signature at the bottom left hand corner of the wallpaper or somewhere on the wallpaper.
5) I would appreciate it if you would dedicate the wallpaper to me (but this is optional).

TIME: You have exactly one month to complete this challenge. ^^

First Place: 2 Wallpapers and a medal
Second Place: 1 Wallpaper, medal, and a gift
Third Place: 1 Card, medal, and gift

Please comment if you wish to join this challenge and please let me know if you submit something!

Thank you and have a great day!!


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