Machine Guns and Violin Cases

Hello everyone! Welcome to my second challenge, “Machine guns and Violin cases.”

I love crime shows, the not only new ones but old classics like “The Rockford Files,” and I also love thief movies like “Oceans Eleven.” These cinematic works have caused me to draw characters inspired by the Italian, Japanese, and American mafia. I love their million dollar thee-piece-suits, and careless demeanors, they give a off lot of personality to draw. What I would just love to see, are some original hit men and Big bosses drawn by you! They could be posed any way you want, whether its slinging a massive machine gun over their shoulder, counting the money from a ransom trade, or bandaging their most recent street fight wounds- it‘s completely up to you. I like gunslinger guys, but I would also enjoy seeing some hard core women as well! I hope this is as successful as my last challenge!


- It can be an original character, or a mobster from an anime
- Color or black and white, whatever suits you best
- Digital or traditional
- Gore is allowed, but keep it in TheO’s standards. Cool?
- ABSOLUTLY NO yaoi, yuri, hentai, or moderately sexual material. I WILL disqualify you.
- Please no notebook paper, unless that’s all you have.
- Up to two entries
- No stealing or heavily referenced material, give credit where it’s due
- Most of all: Have fun! You have two months.

Questions? Just feel free to ask. ^ ^


First Place: Inked fan art request, gift, and medal (Can be exchanged for three wallpapers or cards, instead of fan art.)

Second Place: Two wallpaper requests, gift, and medal

Third Place: Two card requests, gift, and medal

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