thejayster [Vocaloid] Draw the Song!

yay! another challenge :) my last one went so well I decided to try again
so anyway this is a vocaloid challenge, a) because i love them all, and b) because they're so popular right now

the aim of the challenge: draw a picture from your favourite vocaloid PV
so like, if your favourite song is daughter of evil (aku no mususme), you couls draw a picture of rin and len.


  • must be your picture
  • colour or black and white
  • traditional or digital
  • portrait or landscape
  • you don't have to draw the picture of the original artist, but name them in your description. e.g Lily's version of 'Just be Friends' which was originally sung by Luka
  • extra points if you've drawn it in the style of the PV (link it if there's more than one.)
  • remeber to name the song and artist in the description box!


  • First Prize: 2 wallpapers, a subscription and a gift
  • Second Place: 1 wallpaper and a subscription
  • Third Place: 1 wallpaper

i'm going to give this one 2 months, seeing as it might take a while and school takes up so much time -_-#
comment if you have any questions!
Jay xx

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