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Sharpen your skills with a little friendly competition! Everyone gets a competition trophy for participating in a challenge, winners get a shiny gold trophy.

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Challenge Comments Creator Deadline Entries Join
Otaku Fashion 4 byakuyarox1 09/23/14 1 Submit
Creating Your OC 9 RinMustang22 09/11/14 3 Submit
The Otaku @ Waffle House 2 entropy0013 10/09/14 0 Submit
Who are you? 10 SmallxLady 08/30/14 0 Submit
'You're My Favourite' 0 Starscream 07/24/14 4 Submit
Summer Fun 4 Sakaira 09/14/14 3 Submit
O.C. Date Night! 11 nikkeh09 08/09/14 5 Submit
Excel in Cipherland Activity Contest! 12 izuzu15 09/03/14 0 Submit
Lighting The Way 7 Ametsu the Ninja 08/08/14 7 Submit
I'm Thinking Disney~ 16 clueless101 08/06/14 7 Submit

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