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.Strength & Kindness.


This is just a little something I made awhile back for my wifey, Kelsey, the Alisha to my Rose~

I had a bit of trouble with the editing at first and I think... I made it too pink? I tried my best though. (The PSD I wanted to use didn't exactly make it turn out as well as I'd hoped.) The text is... okay-ish. I don't really like the second choice of font, but well, since I heard trying to stick to something simple and basic after using a heavy font is the best route, I tried to go based off that... but idk, I feel like I could've used a better one, but I think I need more fonts? I feel like I'm limited in what I have in my library or something. <____>

Anyhow, I can't wait for the Zestiria anime in less than a week! Despite the game's controversy, I heard how successful the preview screening was in Japan for the first few episodes and I'm both happy and relieved. The game itself may not have been well received there, but I'm glad the anime got great ratings, at least. Even better, it's turning out to also be a bridge to connect both Zestiria and Berseria together since Velvet is going to make an appearance, and I'm looking forward to seeing how exactly they plan to rewrite the cannon to make both game's storylines fit together. With all the amazing things happening in Berseria as far as news goes, sure, I know they might not be able to mend the fanbase after what happened with Zestiria (that was sure quite some damage done), but I have faith Bamco will be able to pull this off and they can only keep impressing as long as they keep up actual effort, which they're doing so far~

In other news, this summer is going to be the absolute best summer ever! EVERYTHING IS LITERALLY VIDEO GAMES. Even anime based off video games, so yes, EVERYTHING. And it all starts in 3 days when God Eater Resurrection releases. SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY LIT.
R I S E /owo/

(Also, this means that this may be the last of my graphics for a bit, but don't worry, you'll be seeing more from me in due time, so please look forward to them!)

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