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Okay, first off let me just say... I totally did NOT disappear from this place for over a year and I am very well and alive. I've literally been lurking around here, that's it. I've been dropping comments here and there and trying to be active, but eh. It's not that I don't want to update and stuff, but its more like life obligations have kinda taken me away from doing that and in turn, taking away my will to do so and aside from that, I don't really know what to update with anymore either... ahaha. I may update in due time though... maybe. I do feel bad about having seemingly gone quiet though. I just don't have as much time for this place as much as I used to and most activities outside from here are dedicated to life and personal time. Please don't worry though, I'm definitely not leaving this place anytime soon and even though I don't update super frequently, I am indeed still around. (Keep in mind though, updates from here on out of any kind will be slow. Whether its on mobile or PC.)

However just recently, I have found a little bit of time to start making some graphics again. It's been a long while since the last time I've made any for here (aside from Tumblr.) and I've really missed it. I've seen quite a handful of amazing art around here and I do get instant inspiration from them and it makes me want to make something on the spot, but with not really having enough time for them most days... alas. I really want to get back into making things for here again though... I just don't know how often it'll be. I will try when I do have the time, even if its a mobile wallpaper. I don't want to get rusty. Its just kinda frustrating and it sucks... but what can you do?

Surprisingly for having worked on this first one in awhile, I don't think it turned out too badly. The only thing that bothers me about this is the way I cropped it. I feel like it could've been better. I love the way I colored it though, despite it being slightly monochrome and limited in color palette. My typography doesn't really seem to have changed from how I used to do it, but I do feel like it still could've been a little better in the last line... it feels too small or something, but hopefully its readable. (Also I used a bit of lyrics from the song "Through Glass" by Stone Sour, since I heard it playing in my father's truck recently and I like it and it came to mind when I saw this scan.)

I have some more things to submit that I made for a couple friends. I'll be uploading them later~

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