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Touka/Ken Render: [X]

Background: [X]

To: neilly
From: Santa

Surprise, neilly! I'm your eCard Secret Santa! I saw on your list that you liked both Ken and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul, so I decided to make a card for you of them. I've only seen the anime, and I really need to read the manga, but I love these two together and they might become one of my OTP's since they had a rather interesting dynamic. cx

I actually had to remake this after the first time. After going back and looking at it, I realized that I wasn't too satisfied with the editing and it just looked dull and boring. I'm glad I didn't save over everything, otherwise I'd have to start completely over.
The minds eye can be trippy sometimes orz
I really hope you like it! (If not, by all means, please let me know! I'd absolutely be happy to redo and improve upon it, if need be!)

And of course, while I was working on this, I was listening to some music from my playlist and the ED song came on right in the middle, funny enough, thus the name and a bit of the lyrics. It's also been stuck in my head too lately since then, but I love it. It's catchy and just gives off a nice and relaxing feeling to it~


I hope you have a warm and safe holiday season! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

[Edit]: I also made you a darker version upon request. You can find it [HERE], I hope you like it!~

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Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul, Touka Kirishima
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