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Dawn Render: [X]

Background: Made by me

I got inspired by my imouto's recent style of cards she's made, and I wanted to try to imitate that style, while combining it with my own. It was new for me and needless to say, it's alot more concise than I thought, for something that appears to be simple. I've been wondering about a certain aspect of design for awhile, and honestly, if it weren't for her I wouldn't have ever known or taught myself about it. I felt kinda stupid for thinking I should have discovered it earlier when I did, since it was easy and kind of a "right there in your face" kind of feature. I admit, I'm a little embarrassed, especially at the fact since I've been making these things for over a year and practicing when I can, but to know that something was so blatant this whole time left me wondering, haha... but still, it was good practice and good learning for future works.

Anyways, I wanted to dedicate this to her, just as a little thank you, and for being the perfect little sister that she is to me, and kind of also as a one year friendship thing too, since it's been exactly a year since we met and became friends. I can hardly believe it's been that long really, it feels like we've been friends forever~
I'm not very confident about the typography, but I hope you like it. ;u;

I hope this cheers you up as well. I know your day hasn't been very good at all, and I'm so sorry for all the things that have happened to you. You do all what you need to rest up and recover from the situation you're in, okay? Always remember that your onee-sama loves you and is here for you if you need her.

Take care, sweetie.

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