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Happy birthday, Kayla! I hope you've had an amazing and wonderful one, filled with everything you deserve. I can't believe your birthday came today too, haha. Days like these always seem to come up too fast, but nonetheless, you'll always be my imouto~ -hugs-

I had a hard time deciding on what to do. I was busy today and I really wanted to make something in time for you. I had gathered up some other materials to try to pull together something good, but that didn't turn out too well, although I had an idea in mind for this, knowing it would be tough to work with.

I had to clean up this part of the scan alot. I tried to clean it as best I could, although I'm not too happy about some minor things about it. The editing on the other hand came out really well, so hopefully that makes up for it, which I think it does. I also hope the angling on it doesn't look too weird asdfghjkl;

You're also the Dawn to my Cynthia, and I thought that this would be perfect for you too. <3

I even wanted to add a little fun to the message, so if you can pick out the parts of it that convey the image, then that makes it even better~
It's kind of obvious because of the tags, but oh well oops

I really hope you like this, I tried my best as much of a challenge it put up~

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Dawn, Hikari, Platinum Berlitz, Pokemon
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