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Don't Lose Your Way


I finished this anime last night, at the recommendation of my friends. IT. IS. AWESOME. I loved it! I admit, at first, I thought it was going to be some weird fan service anime just based off of things that I've seen of it, but after giving it a chance and staying with it to see how it spanned out, I came to really understand just why it had that much "fan service" in the first place and the deep meaning behind it as well as the message it was trying to send out to the viewers. It was amazing with a good balance of hardcore action and wacky comedy, and the how the episodes ended was just enough to keep me wanting to find out more.
For anyone who's ever been curious or on the edge about watching this, I recommend you give this anime a chance like I did and try to stick with it. Trust me, it's more than what you might think it is at first! Once you reach the end, you won't know what to do with your life, because I most certainly didn't. I was just like "Wow..." at the end, and ugh it was so happy! ;u;

Anywho enough of that, I realized that as of today, it has been a year since I've started working on graphics and submitting them to TheO. Even though I do have moments where I suddenly stop working on stuff because I get busy with other things, looking back, there have been a few things that I made that I was actually proud of, and of course, I also have my moments where I don't feel as confident as I should about the things that I make, and I've learned that causes me to go into a sort of "slump" where I have no motivation to work on or submit anything...however, just recently, I've acquired more things to create again and I felt this weird motivational confidence just spring up out of nowhere, like I felt ready to start getting to work on them. I suppose you would call that a spark? It was pretty weird though, but it did give me back some motivation that I'd lost.

And though the times that I've started making these and where I felt like I haven't improved at all since the time I started, there's always been one person who smacks me and stares at me and goes "NO!" and that's my wifey, Kelsey, the one to first taught me how to use Photoshop and get me started on graphic making, since I really wanted to learn and submit my own things. She's what keeps me going to still keep making things, despite how bad I may think I am at it, and it makes me really happy that she can see my potential and my willingness to learn and improve. She deserves all of my thousand "thank yous" forever.

Of course, this is another dedication to mark the occasion. I whipped this up the other day ahead of time. I can't believe that this is actually my 40th eCard, but I kept looking back at it and I'm still not quite happy with it, but I know where my weakness is and I did try, as I do with all of my things and I'm going to try to not let that hold me back. From here on out, I will never let my insecurities interfere with my creativity and I will keep making things rest assured. That is a promise to all of you, who view and judge my art. I will keep striving to improve, no matter how much I think of myself that I haven't and I will get into the mindset of being confident with my style of doing things as well as being comfortable with making changes to it, if I feel necessary.
Thank you all for your support and thank you for continuing to watch over me and my art, as well as the things that I will bring to you in the future. Please continue to look out for my creations!~

Dedicated to Kelsey, the Ryuuko to my Satsuki~

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