JanetChan (eCard Portfolio) [did you not see the signs, the signals?]

[did you not see the signs, the signals?]


Yay, I finally got to enter this challenge!

Ahhh, the new character that abruptly came to us from an epic anime, Mikasa Ackerman. I love her so much, and I usually don't like girl characters. She's strong, physically and emotionally, and I think everyone sees her that way. But to me, I see her as strong, but then I also this this other girl inside her. I see a little girl who's frightened, scared, horrified at the thought of losing the most important person in her life, Eren. And in her mind, she's always terrified because of Eren and his hatred of all Titans and wanted to avenge his mother. His dream is her dream, his happiness is hers (and this is where I go to my fantasy part lol) She loves Eren, with all her heart, protect him with her life, but he doesn't feel the same way about her like she does.

And I don't know, to me, there is something really strong about that. Maybe it's cuz I experienced that? I don't know...but I love Mikasa, and I really hope Eren realizes that it's not Levi he's supposed to fall in love with but MIKASA. *gets stabbed and pitchforked*

Dedicated to my cutey patootie Dee Dee Unnie <3

Ahh, I missed making cards, enjoy guys ^.^

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