ElementalNinja (eCard Portfolio) [.Lead MY Soul.]

[.Lead MY Soul.]


Pattern: [X]

I could not resist when I saw this card. I really liked the scan and heard the song "Bring Me To Life" By Evanescence, on TV, since my father had some music going while he was working on something, and as soon as I heard this line (The one on the card), I thought 'Bam, this is perfect', and started working on this right away.

I thought it was perfect, because I thought it seemed to fit well with Kyoko and Sayaka's relationship, and especially during a certain scene in PMMM. (I really can't say what it is without spoiling anything.) I really think that their relationship closely mirrors that of Kelsey and I's relationship, so it's a perfect fit. I even felt emotional inside while I worked on it because that scene was flashing through my mind at the time. I hope I was able to convey that here, along with trying out a few new things~

I was rather impressed with how it turned out. I honestly wasn't expecting it to turn out as good as it did, but somehow it did, and I think that was thanks to the inspirational creative strike I had on that spot.

For the Kyoko to my Sayaka. I hope you like it dear! I love you bby. <3

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