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Howdy y'all (ugh, I'm never saying 'howdy' again)! You may find both the title and the words of this card quite familiar. That's because it's a Bit of Nostalgia! Shameless self-promoting, I'm sorry. I mostly did this card to be used as an example for the challenge in the case that people weren't quite clear in the concept.

Thanks to the help of my graphic design major friend Jake I was able to set the standards of this card a tad bit higher than previous ones. The font was highly deliberated over for a good hour, he helped me with the colours, and he provided overall moral support. And even though I shiver at the mere mention of the anime known as BLEACH, I really like this card.

Okay, so here's the original card that I used as inspiration. The font was originally very cramped and didn't flow very well at all. A mix between grungy and smooth typography that should never have happened. But! I'm still glad I made it because look at what it brought about! Haha!

Next is the quote, it's a famous one from Winston Churchill that was featured in a pretty moving monologue on Teen Wolf so that's where I originally heard it from.

Now onto the actual meat of the card! Links provided!

[ x ] - Brushes

[ x ] - Scan

Fonts used were 28 Days Later for HELL, Capture It for IF YOU'RE GOING, and cityscape for THROUGH and KEEP GOING

I hope you guys enjoyed the Bit of Nostalgia!

xoxo, Momma Love

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