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My first entry into a challenge! For XxArrancarFanxX's Challenge; A Real Life Changer!
[Things are going to get very wordy from here, so I hope you don't mind it, and I hope this is okay! (Also hoping TheO doesn't shorten it either. D:)]

Some of you may know that I'm obsessed with the "Tales of" Series, and for me its very near and dear to my heart. I love everything about it from its many games of different plotlines and characters, to the themes that it teaches, and its interconnectedness with other games of the series, and how similar our own world is to each of the special worlds, thanks to other cultural influences as well.

Tales of the Abyss, in particular, is not only one of my favorite games in the series, but also one of my favorite animes as well for Tales. Its very well-done, and sticks very close to the original games flow of the story. Its taught me a lot of lessons and things to carry on with me in real life.

For this card, I chose Luke and Asch and used the song "Mirror" By: Justin Timberlake. (Yes, I like listening to Justin Timberlake, okay? He has a nice voice. -u-) I felt that some of the lyrics related to the two, since Luke is a "replica" of Asch and they not only look alike or sound alike, but on occasion may act like each other and can communicate through their Fon Slot Channel since they have perfect identical isofons. Even though they may have similar standings, and Luke may be a reflection of Asch and his Karma, they're their own person and have separate personalities, making them unique and individualized. Luke becomes something that Asch wasn't able to become, and slowly learns to break away from an inferiority complex. He beings to develop an understanding that he is himself and not someone else and that he wasn't ment to replace anyone. He's ment to live like a normal human being, no matter his circumstances of not having a past to remember. He has a future to live the way he wants to and other memories to make. He learns to bare the burden of being created from another person, and the way he grew up and treated everyone, and the people he's killed and sacrificed, and he takes responsibility for everything that was done wrong and uses them to change himself for the better and to change the world for everyone that lives in it, using the rest of his life to make people happy in the end, creating world peace among the warring Kingdoms.

Tales of the Abyss has taught me that no matter how much you may act, think, or look like someone, you are a special and unique human being, born to do things that someone else can't do, and that you have more than just a purpose in this world, but a place to call your own, no matter how hard someone tries to steal your place in the sun. You are an individual born with many capabilities and no matter how many times you doubt yourself, there will always be someone to tell you otherwise, whether they're friends, family or even total strangers. People like that will always be in your life to stay with you until the very end if they're true to their heart and true to you. If you don't like the way you are now, then you can always make a goal to change. Sure it won't be easy, but its the first step to living a healthy and happy life. There are various steps to changing and it doesn't end. People are changing inside and out everyday no matter what they do because humans are ever-changing. In order to change the world, you must first change yourself. Discover who you are and want to be and love yourself in the process. You aren't alone in your time of identity crisis because there's always someone or other people there that care for you and love you and will be there every step of the way on the long journey of the path of change and individualization. The future holds one of many infinite possibilities and choices, and you must have the courage to be able to choose the right way of life for you and for countless others in your lifetime.

The "Tales of" Series holds many different lessons and messages within their games and animes and tries to reach out and convey that meaning to each of its fanbases and newcomers alike. Its up to you what you decide to do with them and how to process them and how they stick and affect you. People have different P.O.V's and think differently, so there's not one way of looking at things or right or wrong way of learning what the meanings are behind them. Either way, you're learning and seeing things for yourself and becoming more unique and special everyday, regardless of what anyone has to say about it. Its your life, and how you choose to live it is entirely up to you. No one has the right to tell you how you should or shouldn't live your life. The world is yours; let nothing stop you from inhabiting it.

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A Real Life Changer!

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