josephine12cute (eCard Portfolio) Look, Register and Ignore

Look, Register and Ignore

"It's amazing how some people who live miles away are sometimes closer than those who are just down the street." - 10/10 summary

Oh look, I just made a card. This card is inspired from Look, Register and Ignore. It's a short one shot that deals with awkward conversations with people who used to be close to you but over time, you became distant to each other. You can totally relate because I'm sure you have experienced this kind of awkwardness. I totally recommend you guys to read it. The first time I read this, a huge pang of realization hit me and it hurts because it's true.

Friendship is one recurring theme in Beyblade but I rarely come across a fanfic that portrays this theme without using reference from the actual plot which is quite good because I believe all of us can relate to this and you can just simply replace everyone with your favorite characters and nothing know about. It's ok if you're not a fan of the series because the friendship topic here is the actual gold. And the typography is a quote from the fic itself.

IMAGE: This screenshot although I had to modify the mouths with this (I added blush because I'm an aspiring make-up artist)
INSPIRATIONAL SONG: "All For You" from Replay 1997 (although the lyric doesn't relate, the music does fit the mood)
500 x 500 VERSION: Here although the colors are pale because stupid Tumblr hates vibrant colors

Dedicated to Hana :) Thank you for that lovely PM you sent me. Let's do our best in school and try not to fail anymore subjects lol~


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