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[you're my heart.]

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Wow, I got wonderful feedback on my last card, I was so happy! Haha, I'm so glad I was missed lol and it just reminds me how much I friggin love all of you. And I forever will. Even if I don't reply or participate or even not come here, I'll still make cards. And I'll still remember my second home. You guys have given me happiness when I had none, a place to relax, a place to have fun, a place to be me, and most importantly, a place to realize that their really are good people out there.

I've been realizing a lot with my life lately and I realize that there's a lot needed to change about myself. And I have been changing, for the beter of course. I'm trying to find who I really am in this world, and becoming who I really am and throwing away this outer shell I've always had on me.

And this card is obviously dedicated to all of you, and especially to my Choocha. If I was her, I'd hunt me down and beat the crap out of me. But she was patient and she loved me even though I was barely here. And I love her for that. She's like one of my best friends on here, and I'll make a card for all my close friends soon.

I love you guys so much, more than anything. ♥

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