Ikemarth (eCard Portfolio) ["Don't ya have any hobbies?"]

["Don't ya have any hobbies?"]

Arkham: "Welcome! What do you think after looking at your father's image?"
Dante: "It's like staring into a backed-up toilet! Why do you always stick your nose in other families' business. Come on, dude, don't you have any hobbies?"

- Dante; Devil May Cry 3, Mission 19: Forces Collide

This entry is for xNotUnderstood's Favorites! (with a twist) challenge.

When ever I go through my list of favourite video games, Devil May Cry is always smacked to the top of the list! I love the series and I do want me a piece of the Dante pie!

This is my favourite Dante quote from Devil May Cry 3. Ahh Dante, you make me laugh.

I would like to thank BabyD for showing me the tutorial for this animation. Aishia for helping me with the animation process and for my constant questions. Much appreciated!

And thankyou xNotUnderstood for creating such an awesome challenge. I have 2 more entries to go! ^O^

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Quote - x <--- I believe you can hear the quote at the beginning of this cutscene, its 30 seconds into it.

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