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Alarm Clock

SHINEE: Alarm Clock:
I hope my alarm clock rings quickly and wakes me from this dream
Turn back the time that feels like a nightmare and throw away our break up
I can’t escape from this horrible broken dream that’s frozen into place
I hope the alarm clock rings loudly and wakes me up, oh quickly
Like a flower that falls after a small raindrop brushes against it
It may not be a big deal to you
But I fall into a cold sleep at your cold words
I feel like I can still catch your mirage

I LOVE this song. The lyrics I put on the card are:
Even today, I’m drenched in my sweat...
I hope my alarm clock rings quickly and wakes me from this dream

This is one of my favorite songs of all time because of everything from the vocals to the instrumental to the melody to kyaaaa.
Anyways, I dun really know much about love, but I really like this song because I think it can relate to other things besides just depressed break ups. The lyrics I put on the card effect me because even though I usually like dreams, sometimes it's not good to linger in them and sometimes I need that wake up call.

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