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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LATTE-CHAN!! Your an AHMAZING person, who makes the most beautiful cards, and compared to that, this is like crap lawl. I'm so sorry, my computer's acting like a FUDGER and wouldn't let me add new fonts. But thanks to my dear Allie-Chan for helping me. >_<

Well, this is for Latte-Chan's birthday, but I also kinda made it from my life kinda. I started high school, and it's pretty nerve-wracking. But the first week sucks, ALWAYS! I got lost like fifty times, and my friends are mostly boys, all the girls are like BLEH. Which sucks for me, cuz I left my best friends for this school cuz it has a really good education for the kids who go there. There's just SO much drama, and I don't really have anyone to talk to. It sucks feeling that way, without a best friend to talk about your crushes and stuff, really. I'm having real suckish days, the homework is overwhelming, and I feel as if I'm a lost little 2 year old in a forest.

And as if that's not enough, I still have troubles with my friends at church. I mean, I choose, this girl, or I choose this one. Either way, I break one of their hearts, and I can't even think about doing that. My life is in ruins, man. But here's the GOOD part. When I see how much I have compared to other people, I feel so much better. I'm not supposed to be hating my life, I'm supposed to be loving it. Cuz I could be one of those people on the streets, or dying from starvation. But I'm not. And no matter all the problems that surround me, I just thank God for the fact that I'm alive.

*whew* Oh, jeez, sorry Latte-Chan, didn't wanna get the mood all weird lol. Oh, I have another present for you on the way. ;)

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