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Real World

Hello everyone! I thought I'd join the fun and make an animated e-card, too. 8D Although, the colors got a little funky when I made it a gif. ._. Is there anyway to fix that?

So when I was thinking about making this card, I totally thought that this challenge was an e-card challenge... BUT IT'S NOT, BAW. Oh well, this was fun anyways. I might end up making an i-phone wall version, but maybe not if I'm too lazy.
The song I referenced in this card is Real World by Matchbox 20. :,D The verses of the song talk about being a "rainmaker", "superhero", and the "head honcho", so I thought I'd use pictures that reflected that. :D

Speaking of different pictures, I used members of theOtaku's fan artworks for the images in this e-card! :D Since I can only "officially" source one fan art, I'll just credit all of them right here:

Summer Bliss by Wakusei Aoshi
Captain America by Lunastarz
Grand Entrance by Imouto Chan (featuring Wakusei Aoshi's character Kiyoshi)

Thank you three so much for letting me use your artwork for this e-card! :,) It was a lot of fun to make this.
I vectored Lunastarz and Imouto Chan's works. If the two of your are interested in seeing the vectors on their own, just tell me. xD (Also Imouto Chan, I'm sorry that the vector of your drawing came out so different...! ;A; I didn't mean to make so many changes...;;;)

Um... yeah. And that's all, I guess. :D Thanks for viewing! And don't forget to view the original artwork!!

Other Credits
Textures: [x][x][x][x][x]
Stock Image: [x]

(Bah, I wish I could dedicated to more than one person. ;_;)

Source Art
Grand Entrance ~imouto chan
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