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My third and last card, I swear to you. This time I'm spreading my patriotic and Chris Evans love with a nice Captain America card! Well, it's not really nice, it's sort of sad. Onto my list of songs!

1. Count me Out by Pusherjones: Yaaaaay, Avengers song to an Avenger! And I'm pretty sure this song was added to the soundtrack because it represented Cap so much. But I did it because the songs meaning is "just because I don't belong here doesn't mean you can count me out of the fight", or something similar, which is pretty much everything that Cap is, as an old man in 2012!

2. Congratulations by Blue October feat. Imogen Heap: This song I picked to represent losing Peggy before their relationship could truly go anywhere. Mostly it's just him saying "I want to give you my heart, but I'm too late and the pain is too much for me to bear" which kind of sucks in its own way. Just a warning, Cap's soundtrack is going to be a lot like this song, really really sad.

3. Feather White by A Silent Film: If this song doesn't represent Cap I don't know what does. I actually switched the meaning of the song around since it's about the guy seeing the girl disappear below the ice I turned it into the guy lost sight of her as he fell, perfect for Cap. I was actually going to use this song for the quote with a picture of Cap frozen, I got half way through it too before I gave up. It wasn't working. But it still works perfectly for Cap!

4. This Time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers (OH MA GAD I LOVE HIM.): Soooooooo saaaaaaaaaad but this song is for Peggy&Cap love, or lack of it, I'm just spinning a positive story out of it. I thought that this is the perfect "get back into the dating game" song, if you understand my message. He truly did love Peggy but now it's over and every time he thinks of her it reminds him how to love. This makes him want to move on and stop back-seating his own life. And again, dsdkfnw'eoqudVOTQ#FDRT6tnq34fu9q^FT$T^GHG MEYERS.

5. Mad World by Gary Jules: Don't chew me out for this one, this is another assumption song. I imagined an extremely depressed and dark Steve this time around with the Avengers and I got a little frustration in the beginning so this is how I imagined Steve. Going through New York City he'd see people but only see the faces of the friends that he lost and this makes him so depressed that he dreams about dying, about leaving this alien world behind, and he admits to himself that they are the best dreams he has. Instead of dreaming about those same friends. ;___;

6. War All The Time by Thursday: This song was chosen for the meaning it could have, the fact that no matter where you are, what time period you live in, or who you are, there is war every where, in different shapes and forms but it's still a war. This is very true for Steve. He dies to stop one war and gets shoved into an intergalactic war. :/

7. Shiksa (Girlfriend) by Say Anything: Before you read this, this song is meant as a joke. The first two lines of lyrics are "I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND NOW, NO WAY NO HOW!" which is what I imagine Steve would've thought if he had two seconds to think. So... sorry for that, it just made me laugh.

8. Already Over by Red: This is the song I used for the card, all the way down at the bottom! Silly me. But this is another dark song for Cap! Imagine him in his room, thinking about Peggy, and slowly going ape-s--- on everything around him. Or imagine those weird shower videos where they're just standing there brooding. Anyway, that's what I imagine when I hear this song, Cap being pissed that he lost the only woman he loved. But of course he's going to fall in love with some sexy mutant or villain to give him some conflict *coughcoughScarletWitchcoughcough* and everything's going to turn out in the end, just not in this song. I'm rambling.

9. How it Ends by DeVotchKa: Okay, ignoring everything but the chorus, this song is another Cap song. But this one is him coming to terms with what he has to do to save the world, or save New York. He only cares about New York (no he doesn't I'm just sleep deprived again). ONLY NINE SONGS, ONE LESS THAN CAT! HEY! CAP SHOULD FALL FOR CAT! THAT'D BE CONFUSING.

Teehee, I'm such a silly willy. I think I'm going to make some more cards (not for the challenge I can't listen through my iPod a hundred more times my head will explode) so I can get back into the groove. I was a pretty good card maker back in the day, made the featured fandom a couple of times when it was still around, then one of those cards got stolen and WRITTEN ON by some jerk. I still want to punch them, wherever they are. Some Middle Eastern country (or at least the website was) because I don't understand the symbols they used! Trust me, if I had that s--- would've been taken DOWN. JERKS. OHWELL. I'MMA GO RUN SOME ERRANDS. BAAAAAIII.


xoxo, Momma Love

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