CleaversForKids (eCard Portfolio) [The girls call him EUphoRia]

[The girls call him EUphoRia]

[My entry for Ritona Raito's challenge "Hit the Soundtrack."]

For this challenge (after forcing myself to NOT pick a Katekyo Hitman Reborn character), I chose Prussia. I have to say now, I am so happy that I did. He really lends himself to music, and I had a ball matching up the tracks to his different personality traits. I want to do this again ♥ ♥

1] Rock the House - Gorillaz: I chose this song because Gilbert like he would be a partyer. He did all he could to avoid marriage in the story, and drinks bear like no one's business. The bass-line in the back just seemed to fit him- quirky, snarky, and slick. "I've got the balls ta' rock the salsa~"

2] Trouble- Pink: I chose this song because, simply, Prussia is always in trouble. His riches and his looks can't ever get him out, no matter how hard he tries.

3] I Never Wanted to Dance - Mindless self indulgence: Back to the reasons I chose the first song- but he also reeks of being a pushy flirt. Trying to get a girl on each arm, and failing.

4] Feel good Inc.- Gorlliaz: This song I chose because it seems to describe his hunger for domination and power. The interludes to me remind me of the country's participation in the crusades- the conflict of war and religion.

5] Viva la Vida - Coldplay: This song reminds me of the final collapse of the nation of Prussia. He was a huge nation at one time- quite literally nearly ruling the world with other Germanic tribes. In the end, he is all but forgotten. Many don't even know what Prussia was.

---- Wow, I thought this through. I'm not crazy- just excessively thorough. Come at me bro. At least I didn't pick Hibari again.

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I love the idea of this challenge. I wish luck to everyone else who has entered so far, and who plans to.
Dedicated to Jenny: The most hardcore Hetalia fan this side of the Mississippi. Hope you like it, my home-skillet. <3

[I have to play bass on stage tomorrow. Help.]

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