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This  is  the  s t o r y  of  u s  a l l;

Can't believe there's an AMV's Tribute 3! I really enjoyed myself the last two times I participated, so I knew I definitely had to submit something for this round. My entry in the first challenge was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, my favorite series, and my entry for the second challenge was Tiger & Bunny, my most recent favorite. I decided for this challenge I wanted to submit something involving one of my all-time favorite 'classic' series, Fullmetal Alchemist. This series holds a special place for me, as I'm sure it does for most of you, too. I really love the story of seeing how all of the characters grow with and apart from each other. It's a very complex development, and because of that I chose to use this AMV (THE STORY OF US ALL;) as my inspirational piece. The lyrics and images capture the progression of the series fairly well, and the editing is very well done, too. I know the AMV is aimed at the entire cast of the series, but I wanted to focus on the pairing of Edward and Winry. I feel these lyrics in particular fit them pretty well.

I hope everyone enjoys this! Comments are greatly appreciated. :)

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