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even if time changes

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Been a while since my last card and shit. I've always wanted to write fan fictions but I suck. So I tried an AU (Alternate Universe) Meme for the first time instead. Here's the story:

Young archaeologist Josh Hutcherson travels to Kentucky for vacation. He meets Jennifer Lawrence and becomes good friends with her. After a series of events, he discovers that Jennifer’s real name is Katniss Everdeen - a hunter who lived centuries ago and became immortal in search of someone. Josh discovers he has a striking resemblance to a baker named Peeta Mellark - Katniss’ lover. Jennifer reveals she lived during the time of war and rebellion. Their district was bombed by the government and killed Peeta in the process. Out of desperation, she intakes an immortality pill from an alchemist in hopes of reuniting with him in the future.

LOL for my fail of using anime stuff XD. But going to actual challenge: I believe the quote in the card suits me a lot. For me, love is something that doesn't change despite the changes in the surroundings and time. I have never fall in love with a real person YAY fictional characters! But I have this certain loyalty (or maybe some other words will be better) to someone that no matter what happens, good feelings will always reign. I believe this will be me the moment I fall in love with someone even if there's struggle, challenges and all given by time. I don't even know what the hell I'm saying but I'm sure changes through time happens but a person's heart will remain the same. I'm like Rose who still loves Jack even after so many years. Being immortal is very impossible for me, but my feelings for a certain person will always be alive. I'm afraid of falling in love and getting hurt but I know there would be someone who'd be my inspiration to continue with life towards the future. It's hard to explain things (and for me, I have no experience) but all the words I typed are what I can honestly explain at the moment. I don't even know if I make sense.

I'll dedicate this to fma17 :) I appreciate that link of Catching Fire you gave me ;) I finished all the way to Mockingjay just in time!

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