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playing the piano...

So here's my entry for the challenge "Love Is..." by DemonsandAngels

Actually, I first got the quote from my friend on his or her? he is a gay to begin with that's why I don't know what to use. Maybe he is still biologically boy so I'll go on with his He sent that group message and I got inspired with the quote so I go on with that quote

I am a piano player. I like playing the piano and start playing it when I was seven years old. During that age, I don't know what love is. I don't know what is the meaning of it to every people. When I'm reading lectures that my piano instructor took note, there are a lot of rules. You must do that, and that and don't do that and this. So I think it hard. Now that I know what love is, I think learning the rules of the piano is just hard as it is. That's what I think of it. But if you already know how to play on your own, actually I compose songs, it seems easier to go on with the flow and play along with it. It's just when I realize that I have a crush on my childhood friend, we were friends since Level 3 and been classmates since Grade 3 until now, 3rd year next year. When you set limitations in life for love, you'll never realize that you failed to follow them because in love you never need to have them, all you need to learn is your feelings.

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Hope you like it!!

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